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DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Engineer with Financial Partners Credit Union will drive the effective deployment of software efficiently through the SDLC into our IT infrastructure. They will work closely with our software development, IT Infrastructure, and Information Security teams to select the right tools and processes through the Dev, QA, Staging, and Production environments to ensure that our code is delivering all defined functional and compliance requirements associated with each release in an efficient and sustainable methodology.



  • Work with IT departments to get software and systems up and running in a timely manner, and ensuring long-term scalability for the business
  • Working with development teams on the building of websites, applications, and software pieces
  • Defines all requirements associated with each software release to ensure that the infrastructure solution design meets all of the specific business and compliance requirements
  • Collaborates with others on each project to brainstorm the best ways to tackle complex technological, infrastructure, security, or development problems
  • Manage the automation tools of software across each layer of the Infrastructure technology stack
  • Building platform environments to support auto-scaling for the business in the future
  • Liaising closely with both development and operational teams
  • Participates in selecting and deploying the automation tools and processes used by FPCU for Configuration Management and Orchestration
  • Maintain the documentation of critical dependencies with other applications and infrastructure components (compute, storage, network, load balance, database, cloud, DNS, and client)
  • Assist in the selection, deployment, and management of FPCU software and infrastructure standards to ensure consistency and efficiency
  • Works to resolve issues and problems with systems and software, and to put in place measures to ensure these issues do not reoccur
  • Process-oriented and strong documentation and communication skills.
  • Basic Database DBA functions/support using MS SQL
  • Testing and maintaining development and staging infrastructure
  • Performs incremental testing actions on code, processes, and deployments to identify ways to streamline execution and minimize errors and defects encountered




Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, IS, or equivalent area of technical study (extensive IT experience can substitute for a degree).  Familiarity with virtualization of server, storage, and network resources, SQL databases, and container orchestration services. Familiarity with agile software development and infrastructure scripting solutions. Familiarity with Financial Institution Terms and Phrases.. Self-motivated and able to work independently. Strong team player across functional unit. MS office familiarity. Ability to solve problems quickly and completely must document resolutions. Ability to identity tasks which require automation and automate them.

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